Change is good

Change is good

Change is sometimes hard but can be amazing too!  We are getting a lot of requests for information from old and new clients and we felt there was a need for explanation on exactly why and how we are changing our business model.

If you remember back in April, Beth and I jumped on an opportunity to attend a photographers workshop called “REFRESH“.   We really had no clue as to what the expectations would be since this was the very first one of its kind.  It sounded like a relaxing getaway and a place to chat with, and get to know other photographers.  It was local, actually right here in Murfreesboro, and we almost passed on it because to relax in our own town  seemed a bit odd.  But something kept urging me to rethink attending it.  I called Beth the morning of the deadline and told her I  felt we needed to go, and she said sure! What happened during the workshop was very life and business changing!  It was focused on helping us straighten out our business as well as our home life.  It sent us on a 4 month deep, deep, deep reflection.  We started asking hard questions:

  • “Why are we photographers?”
  • “What experience would we want as a customer?”
  • “What is our why?”  (If you have ever searched for this, you may know its no easy task!)

We got to hear some of the industries best talk to us and help us refocus. People like: Kristen Weigel ,Kristin Sweeting, , Jody Gray , Jenny Cruger and last but not least Brandy Dawson.  We were blown away hearing these amazing ladies speak!  I really had no idea what to expect but they were all so inspiring in their own way.  If that wasn’t enough, there were 7 girls that attended the workshop and they were just as amazing!  I can only say a huge amount of thanks to the creators/hosts of Refresh, Kalli and Stacy for taking on this huge stressful workshop during your busy season to give back to others.   If you know or take the time to look at any of these photographers sites you will know what caliber of amazing people we were inspired by, and like their work they did NOT disappoint.

So here’s the skinny,  We have put together a new, exciting business model with the goal of giving our clients a wonderful, full service photography experience and making you feel more important during the process!  Doesn’t that sound nice?

It is no secret that we live in a digital age!  Because of this, there has been a trend that has swept over the photography community that is sometimes referred to as “shoot and burn.”  You hire a photographer, they take your pictures, and then burn the edited images to a disc or USB.  Sounds familiar, right?  But, how many clients never print any images from that CD or USB? The answer is shocking, over 75%!  That is a crazy static and as a photographer, makes us very, very sad!  The question we have to ask is “why?”  We hear a lot of reasons, and most boil down to TIME:  you forget or procrastinate.  So, what ends up happening to those beautiful moments that you as a client cherish so much, and us as photographers have poured our  hearts and souls into while creating?   If you are among the 75% mentioned above, your precious memories may be sitting on a disc tucked away in a desk drawer.  We cherish our clients and feel that the moments in your lives that you have trusted us to capture deserve to be seen and enjoyed  NOT collecting dust on a shelf or hidden in a drawer!!  We want your experience with us at Eternal Treasures Photography to be amazing! These are important moments in your life and we want to treat them as such!  This is why we have decided to step out of the “shoot and burn” trend and offer a true, fine art service to our clients.

We always strive to create beautiful images, but we don’t want to stop there.   We desire to give our clients a breathtaking, finished product that makes you glow each time you see it!  Don’t get me wrong, we are not against you getting the rights to print your purchased images, but in addition, we really want you to have something beautiful in your hands to display in and around your home!  Therefore, we have created an ordering system that will combine the best of both worlds:  products and digitals.  This is called our “Create A Collection,” and allows you as a client to build a package which combines a fine art product for display and digital images!  We have some beautiful new prints and products coming your way!   Our prints are all fine art prints and we have some products that will help you display your images in the most natural and beautiful way!  We have searched high and low for the best quality prints and one-of-a-kind products for you to look at and smile every time you pass by them in your home!   Below is one of our newest albums. We can’t wait for you to experience the depth of our new fine art prints and to touch and see how amazing they are in person!



Also getting a face-lift is our ordering process.  We will now do an in-person “Reveal and Order” session  with each client that will take place 1-2 weeks after the session.  At the reveal & order session, that takes approx 1 hour, we will  reveal the edited images from your session (we LOVE getting to see the excitement, smiles and sometimes tears of joy) and then you get to order with ease!   Also if you choose to add digitals you will walk away with them that day and then 2-3 weeks later your art piece (or pieces) will be ready!

We know change is sometimes difficult to accept but we have tried and tested this model and promise our clients will love it!  We are SO excited about how your going to feel because every session with us from a mini, newborn, wedding, family, senior or tween we have upgraded our level of service!  And if you don’t believe us read the words of a recent client:

“Ok. So I feel like I owe you guys something in writing. I’ve never been good with words or showing gratitude in person so I wanted to write you guys a message and tell you how much I love the photos and all you guys did for us. Seriously… Every picture is amazing!!!! I am so happy we went ahead and spent the money this time to have awesome photos that we can always look back and cherish. You guys went above and beyond for us and we can’t thank you enough. We will definitely be showing off these pics and spreading the word about your business. So professional and patient. Thanks again. I LOVE them!!!”  ~K.R.

We love feedback from our clients and were thrilled to hear from the above client about how she felt about the new, improved service she received!

Is there a slight downside?  Yes, because this new process allows us to spend more time on each client, our availability will be limited, so please don’t delay on booking!

If you would like to view our updated pricing guide, just email us and let us know what type of session you are interested in and we will get it sent over!    or

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Eternal Treasues Photography is custom photography located in Murfreesboro, TN.  Christina Campbell Captures Newborns, Seniors, Tweens, Family Portraits and Weddings in and around Middle TN.  I am willing to travel in the United States.  Places we love, Pensacola and 30A Flordia.   Shooting newborns in my in home studio, families, seniors, tweens and kids over 1 on location only.  I do offer mini session speical weekends so email me to get on my email list so you can find out when they are taking place.   

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