Family Portrait tips

Family Portrait Tips

Family portrait tips are hard to give sometimes.  Every family is so different in size, kids, adults, personality and style.  It can make it hard to recommend what another family should do.  We recently shot a family session for Jen, the owner of The Vintage Honey shop, and she did something super awesome for other moms.  She blogged about the things she learned from their session to help all the moms that visit her site. You can find her blog post here: 5 tips to family photographs as well as see images from their family session.  Ill try to sum it up below.

5 Tips to family photographs:

  1. Find a photographer
  2. Decide on location and theme
  3. Styling your outfits
  4. Relax and go with it
  5. Just the 2 of you

These are some great things to think about and she explains the way she conquered each of them.  Check out one of their sweet family photos:

family portrait tips


We just have a few more things to add, stuff that goes a little deeper, tips we like to give our families.

  1. Layout all clothing items the night before.
  2. Try and stay neutral with clothing and consider the time of year when selecting outfits.
  3. White tees and jeans are never our suggestions!!!!!!
  4. Layers! Layer your clothing for a more sophisticated trendy look.
  5. Consider what type of end product you are looking for.
  6. Choose a professional photographer.
  7. Professional hair and makeup is great if that is needed.
  9. Start to plan at least 1 month in advance.
  10. Talk to your kids about how much fun we will have.
  11. Don’t pinterest 50 poses for us to complete.

And now we will expand on why:

  1.  Lay out all the clothing the night before.  Being prepared and not rushing around the day of is a huge stress relief!!  Plus you’re less likely to forget an accessory.
  2. Neutral clothing, unless your family style is BOLD, will be the best in the end allowing your love and connections to shine through rather than the attire.  Use subtle hints of color here and there.
  3. The days of white tees and jeans were left in the 90’s so let’s not bring them back!  Chances are if that is you’re idea of portrait attire then you’re in desperate need of an updated family shoot!  We have a Pinterest board full of suggestions you can view here:   Pinterest clothing suggestions   Take a look as we are constantly adding new items for different seasons.
  4. Layers are key to any problem body areas. Don’t like your neck, use a scarf.  Feel like you have back arm fat, use a vest/jacket.  Use darker clothing to minimize areas you feel are bigger than you would like.  Make your photographer aware of any areas you are not fond of and we will help you get the correct clothing to help you feel beautiful and confident!
  5. So many clients don’t have a clue what they are doing photos for.  Some just do them for an updated family photo for the Christmas card.  That’s ok, but there are so many options other than just posting them on Facebook and Christmas cards.  Let us help you find and create some amazing art work for your home.  Think about a spot in your home that you would like to hang some new photos or a table that is waiting for your one of a kind album to be showcased.
  6. Don’t hire someone on a buy/sale/trade page, or craigslist if you’re wanting quality portraits.  Make sure your photographer has experience, in-focus images on their site and check their reviews.  Make sure it’s someone you want to actually be around for 40 mins to an hour.
  7. Professional hair and makeup will make ALL the difference.  We do this often enough we know how different a mom acts when she feels like her hair and makeup are done perfectly.  It’s so different that Beth and I are amazed at the difference and we always remark at how much more confidence a mom has instead of insecure and nervous.  We think this is important!
  8. It’s hard not to stress, but the day of your photo session try your best to relax.  If you start to feel stressed, stop close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths (unless you’re in the car, then don’t close your eyes.)  Just remember this is a session about you and your family and the connection, love and fun that you all share.  Now how could that go wrong? The more relaxed mom is the more relaxed and open your kids will be to having a great time at you’re session.   Your kids will likely get in a fight in the car on the way to the session so when they do try to divert the argument with a song or game.
  9. Advance is the key, the more time you have to plan anything is going to make it better!
  10. Get your kids pumped about the location or the fun we will have.  Let them know it’s OK to have fun.  So many kids are told by their parents to sit still and immediately they will frown.  Sometimes it’s hard to get them back to having fun since mom and dad are forcing them and they don’t understand why.  Its OK to let kids be a little goofy and let their personalities shine!
  11. All families and sessions are different.  If you have your photographer worried about capturing 50 Pinterest inspired images they can’t focus on what is unique about your family and tell your story.  Each family has what I call an easy pose.  Something that fits them perfectly.  It’s usually not the first pose, but is easy to find as we work and play throughout the session.  Don’t get us wrong sending us 5 poses you like, we are totally good with, but over 5 can get very distracting.

I am sure we left something out and will try to update this post as we think of more tips for your next family session, but these are just a few and I hope this helps all our wonderful clients prepare and have a stress free session!


Christina & Beth

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