Murfreesboro TN Tweens

Murfreesboro TN Tweens 

Murfreesboro TN Tweens are amazing. 

So for 3 years I helped out in the tween Sunday school class at our church.  I have watched as they go through that middle school stage and enter that first year of high school for several years, and boy do they change!  Like crazy they change.  Then I watched the ones that were there the first year graduates and it seemed crazy how fast it went by for them..  But you know it didn’t bother me until my son graduated to that class from the kid area.  I’ll be honest I totally freaked out!  I cried a bit when no one was looking, (especially my husband) because he would never let me live it down, haha.

But to the point I have been thinking of:  how important it is to capture that baby look right before they become a full fledged rotten teenager!

YES they are awkward, so much so it’s laughable.  They have no idea who they want to be or why or what or when.

I encourage you to take time to plan a session just for your tween.  Not a with sibling or family, that does’t count.   Just something focuses on them while letting them feel special.  Get them a nice new outfit (let them pick it) and we will have fun and explore a cool location they want to use.   I still have a few tweens from my “model call” to get in before the entire brand is released.  Until then I wanted to share some of these from this summers tweens.

I know we all think our kids are perfect and would never do wrong or do things before marriage they are not suppose to.  But the simple fact is they will at some point be tempted.  Their destiny is to push the boundaries as far as they can.   But what if we took time to show them just how special and beautiful they are without having to break the rules.  I’m by no means saying that doing a photo shoot will prevent all that but what if it changes their view of themselves and helps them feel confident, beautiful, and loved before all that temptation files their way.  It just might be a paradigm shift for them during a rough time!  Let me tell you with one son who has been in middle school now for two years, it’s hard on these poor babies!!

Enjoy the TWEENS:

murfreesboro tn tweens

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