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Family Portraits on Location

Family Portraits on location

Murfreesboro, TN Family Portraits

We always loving working with families to capture those unique qualities that make each family special.  Whether that is in a field with tall grass, Oaklands Mansion, Old fort park, a local stream or the families home, each session is special!

Getting to capture the joy, fun, love and giggles is one of my all times favorites.  Not to mention how timeless it is.  You may have little ones, maybe even a few of them and the task of family photos just sounds stressing.  So stressing that you want to avoid the task all together.  Or maybe you had a few little ones and your ” mom ” body is not exactly what it once was and photos of you in them just make you want to cry.  I am just being honest here and how I have felt several times.  I can promise you that if that is the case, let me know!  We will figure out a way to make this the least stressful and most amazing portrait session you have ever had.

Murfreesboro Family Portraits

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