Snowflake macro

Snowflake Macro

I got out this morning to capture snowflake macro shots!! This time I was able to get a little better, but I still have a lot of room for improvement though.   I have learned that my macro lens, even though its great for baby eyelashes, toes and ring shots, it’s just not close enough to those tiny snowflakes. Also the ideal lighting and environment helps.  Most people do not understand just how small these snowflakes are.  You have to look close, I mean super close to realize that these tiny flakes falling from the sky have an actual shape.  But it’s just beautiful!!!  Mine are nothing compared to these but they are the ones that inspired me check them out here:  Snowflake photography

Here are some of my shots from this morning.  My hands almost got frostbit, my knees were numb, my neighbors think I’m crazy.  Actually, our neighbors son, that is a cop for the police department here, stopped to ask me if everything was ok. HAHA.. Yes sir, I’m just taking photos of snowflakes 🙂 Snowflake Macro shots are very swiftly becoming a favorite of mine. However living in middle TN is probably not ideal since we don’t get much snow.

snowflake on ice image



snowflake on leaf

snowflake macro images on a leaf

snowflake images

murfreesboro tn macro photography

snowflake macro

beautiful snowflake macro shot

murfreesboro tn

3d snowflake macro shot

middle tn

snowflake macro shot in dirt

snowflake on a branch macro

stunning macro snowflake photography

snowflakes on the ground

snowflake macro unique

3D snowflake macro shot


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