Sweet Baby Ben | Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer

Sweet Baby Ben | Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer


I’ll just start this post off with some words from this sweet momma.   Sweet Baby Ben Murfreesboro Newborn Photographer.

” I was most afraid of my children not cooperating, but even if it seems like they aren’t, Christina always manages to capture little moments of joy from their faces. I loved being able to relax when Christina is taking our pictures.  She doesn’t ever seem stressed or anxious to get good shots, so therefore I don’t need to be stressed! And with 4 children, that’s important!!” Megan


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Getting to capture this sweet baby boy sure was a JOY!  I got to capture his brother Luke’s newborn images just short 2 years ago.  I love big families!  My family is considered big we have 3 children and sometimes life was/is tough, crazy and hectic!  But you know our hearts are forever FULL!!  So its a little nostalgic when I see a young family with a lot of little ones running around, for a moment get transported back to what I had considered to be one of the craziest times in my life but one of the BEST and its just awesome.   ****photographer warning****  Take lots of photos, but most importantly take even more videos long videos of every day activities, one day your gonna want to remember every single little second.

Ok, back to this sweet session!.. I have a video on Facebook and Ill share it below but their is just SOOOOOOOOO much love between all these little ones that it just melts a mommas heart.   Kids never cease to amaze me at how fast and wide they open their hearts to a new sibling.  It may take a few a couple of days to understand what is happening but for the most part all kids seem to understand this amazing new family member and welcome them with the most exciting open arms and hearts.

This “model” family is obviously easy to photograph so my job was easy. All we had to do is offer a few smarties to Luke in order to get him to stay in one spot but other than than it went over like butter on a hot biscuit.  (Im sure my husband will ask me what was I thinking when I wrote that).   I always feel honored every time a client trust me to capture their sweet new arrival.  I love babies, the smell their tiny feet and itty bitty lips.  It just doesn’t get better than a new baby.

Thanks for listing to me ramble, see you soon.

~ Christina Campbell


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