Tweens Murfreesboro

Tween Murfreesboro 

Tweens Murfreesboro.

Tween photography is slowly becoming a passion of mine (Christina Campbell).  Having a child of mine recently turn 13, I have realized that the ages between 11-13 are very special!  They are still kids,not yet adults, and haven’t officially lost that fun nature in their spirits.  They are so willing to go have fun and just be themselves which is why tweens are some of my favorite people to capture! This girl is one of my favs because she is my sister and as you can see she is just simply gorgeous !

Tweens murfreesboro  Photography. 

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We took Julieanna out to downtown Murfreesboro to capture her tween images.  It was a pretty windy day but the light was perfect!  She has such a cute style and the charisma of a model. Not every day does someone flow so naturally in front of the camera and she has got it!

Of course she is my little sister and I think she is just beautiful but this girl has been one of my muses for her entire life!  I have been doing photography since she was just an itty bitty baby along with my son. They are 3 months apart in age and have grown up together.  They are like brother and sister and when they were small most everyone thought they were twins.  They are actually aunt and nephew, both 13 years old and breaking hearts!  I am 23 years older than her so I am sure that was fun for my mom..haha.  She was a surprise for sure, but what a wonderful one!

I am so proud of her and all she is.  She is so smart and has said at times she might want to be a photographer when she gets older so I would just be so honored to think I played even a tiny role in that!

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Eternal Treasues Photography is custom photography located in Murfreesboro, TN.  Christina Campbell Captures Newborns, Seniors, Tweens, Family Portraits and Weddings in and around Middle TN.  I am willing to travel in the United States.  Places we love, Pensacola and 30A Flordia.   Shooting newborns in my in home studio, families, seniors, tweens and kids over 1 on location only.  I do offer mini session speical weekends so email me to get on my email list so you can find out when they are taking place.   

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