Wedding Magazine 2017

Wedding Magazine 2017

Wedding Magazine 2018 is one of my best yet!  I hope you enjoy looking at some of my favorite images along with getting to know me and how I love to capture weddings.

Below you will find my Wedding Collections Investment Guide. 


wedding magazine


beautiful exit from wedding

Images taken at The Wrens Nest ( fall wedding )

Your photographer is one of the most important people you will hire for your wedding day.   Its very important that you love their work and love them also!  Make sure to hire someone you feel like you want your guest to be around but also someone you are confident that will get the job done.    In our magazine you will see a few examples and hear a little of how we work and what we like to capture.

As always I am very flattered to be considered as one of the most important jobs of your big day.  I hope you love what you see and we get the opportunity to meet up and chat about your day and expectations.

Thank you,